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Welcome to the online submission for Creative Innovator Awards 2017.
This online registration form recognizes your company’s intention to participate in the Creative Innovator Awards 2017 and affirms your compliance with its eligibility criteria.
To promote the spirit of innovation and to recognize the people and companies that are driving it in the UAE, SPI Group in partnership with Dubai SME, will host the “Creative Innovator Awards 2017” at the Global Innovation Summit 2017 in September 2017 at Jumeirah Beach Hotel, Dubai.
The Objective
The objective of these awards coincides with the purpose of Global Innovation Summit 2017, a platform that celebrates innovation and highlights the new paradigms of business and leisure. It cherishes every mind that seeks to bring in change and every thinker who takes the risk to make the world a better place.
The Creative Innovator Awards 2017 aim to:
a) Recognise the leading innovators in the UAE
b) Increase awareness of new innovations
c) Foster a culture of innovation and create a sense of community
Award Categories
  1. Best Innovation in Sustainability
  2. Best Innovation in Health Care
  3. Best Innovation in Education
  4. Best Innovation for Public Good
  5. Best Innovation for Business Growth
The Jury
The submissions will be judged by a stellar panel who will evaluate each entry on the basis of a set criteria.
Eminent Jury Members
  • Karandeep
    Karandeep Head of Innovation, Gems Education
    • Manu Nair
      Manu Nair CEO, Emirates Chartered Accountants Group
      • Walid Tarabih
        Walid Tarabih Senior Manager Applications, Prime Minister's Office
        • Shantanu A P
          Shantanu A P CEO, SPI Group
          Benefits of Participation:
          Individuals and companies participating in the Creative Innovator Awards 2017 stand to gain the following benefits:
          • The recognition that your idea and innovation deserves
          • A strategic learning experience through comparison with other business innovations
          • An objective assessment from a stellar team of experienced jurors
          • Recognition of excellence and an opportunity to celebrate this milestone achievement
          Eligibility Criteria
          • Only UAE-based enterprises are eligible for participation
          • You can participate as a start-up or as an established company (min. 3 years old)
          • Each enterprise is eligible to submit only a single entry
          • Entries should be submitted only through this page at
          • The closing date for entries is 10th September, 2017
          • The decision of the jury will be final

          Evaluation Parameters

          The evaluation criteria is based on 4 comprehensive parameters:
          • Innovation
          • Societal Impact
          • Financial Growth
          • Corporate Governance
          The jury will assign a score from 0 to 20 for each parameter mentioned above, based on the data submitted by the applicant.
          How to Participate?
          The first step is to submit this online registration form wherein companies can express their interest to participate in the awards. After this submission along with the required supporting documents, the jury members will evaluate if the applicant meets the eligibility criteria for the short-list.
          Jury Review
          On 10th September 2017, all entries will be presented to the panel of judges for evaluation. The judging panel, chaired by Dubai SME, will review the entries and propose the winners who will be recognized at the awards ceremony during Global Innovations Summit 2017.
          Award Ceremony
          In addition to the applicants, business tycoons, C-suite executives, government heads and media will gather at Global Innovation Summit 2017 to celebrate the winners who have demonstrated exemplary innovation impact.
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          Innovation Details
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          Supporting Documents
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          As an when an applicant company is shortlisted, the jury members may require specific details like Statement of Accounts.
          Confidentiality Statement
          All information and materials submitted in support of the company's application for the Disruptive Innovator Awards 2016 will be handled in the utmost confidence and will not be viewed or shared with any individual or entity not associated with the award's assessment process.
          Participation Statement
          SPI Group and Dubai SME reserve the right to withdraw any submission from the award program that does not abide by the participation requirements. In addition, SPI Group and Dubai SME reserves the right to change the evaluation process based on the management needs.
          If you have any inquiries, please contact SPI Group at: or you can call at +97142408173 or +91504278287.

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