Showcase your brand where business happens

Exhibit your products or services at Global Innovation Summit 2017 and reach thousands of top quality clients and potential partners. We offer three zones for exhibitors depending on their contribution to innovation and disruption. Choose the one that fits you :

1. Tech Enablers: These are firms that help innovators achieve their ambitions and include Angel Investors, VCs, banks, infrastructure providers, Telcos, data and call centre providers.

2. Smart Future: Companies at the cutting edge of innovation, the ones that are fostering innovation in the region. These include product and service oriented companies in new technologies and applications such as IoT, Green Tech, Wearables, Big Data, Cloud, AI, AR/VR and Mobile.

3. Service Providers: Companies that provide the tools and services that help make the journey for innovators and disruption easy. These include firms specialised in law, corporate set-up, recruitment, education, logistics and healthcare providers.

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